evolutionary biology, genomics, bioinformatics

Research interests

Enjoying the genomic revolution in molecular ecology and evolutionary biology, I am working on many great projects (in phylogeography and population genetics, genotype-phenotype mapping, landscape genetics, speciation genomics of species complexes,...) but my current hot research topic is epigenetics and its evolutionary potential.

I like speculating. About the many ways and the many reasons speciation can happen. About the dynamics through which a genome can generate infinite ecological niches to thrive in. About the multiple layers information can be stored in an organism.

Collaborators (present and past)

Anna Virginia Black Mazzarella, University of Oslo, Norway

Magnus Popp, Natural History Museum of Oslo, Norway

Celine Le Bohec, CSM, Monaco-Ville

Nils Christian Stenseth, University of Oslo, Norway

Hugo Gante, University of Basel, Switzerland

Robin Cristofari, CNRS, France

Jason Whittington, CNRS, France

Margherita Collini, FEM, Italy

Paolo Gratton, Max Plank Institute, Germany

Valerio Sbordoni, University of Roma Tor Vergata, Italy

Donatella Cesaroni, University of Roma Tor Vergata, Italy

Eli Knispel Ruennes, University of Oslo, Norway

Anagaw Atickem Meshesha, University of Oslo, Norway

Vadim Fedorov, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Narjes Yousefi, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Hans K. Stenoeien, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Peter Schoenswetter, Innsbruck University, Austria

Ovidiu Paun, University of Vienna, Austria

Britta Meyers, GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Germany