evolutionary biology, genomics, bioinformatics

Good stuff

Created the RADseq platform at CEES, UiO, Norway.

Tutorials and scripts

This tutorial explains how to infer the past demography of a population using a selection of hyper-variable RAD loci and the Extended Bayesian Skyline Plot (EBSP)

This python script can be used to filter the output file generated by the function export_sql.pl in the Stacks (Catchen et al. 2013) package


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Recent conference activity, workshops and invited seminars

Seminar at the Department of Integrative Biology and Evolution, University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, Austria. 21/01/2016. Genomics of invasive crested porcupine

Talk at ESEB2015, Lausanne, Switzerland. 10-15/08/2015. Epigenetic divergence and parallel adaptation in Heliosperma pusillum

Poster at SMBE2015, Vienna, Austria. 12-15/07/2015. Epigenetic divergence and parallel adaptation in Heliosperma pusillum

Seminar at the Univeristy of Olso, Norway. 15/04/2015. Screening DNA methylation pattern in non-model species.

Invited seminar at the University of South Bohemia, Cesky Budejovice. 13/05/2015. Invasive species genomics: the successful case of the African porcupines invading Europe

Invited at the workshop sEpiDiv, Epigenetics in Ecology, sDIV, Leipzig,Germany. 02-06/03/2015

Poster and invited talk (getting the SIBE prize for the best paper published in 2014) at the FISV2014 conference, Pisa, Italy.

Talk at the GfOe2014 annual conference in the symposium "Epigenetics: the next big thing in ecology, or much ado about nothing?", Hildesheim, Germany.

Invited speaker at the ForBio Annual meeting. March 2013.

Talk at the SMBE2013, Lisbon, Portugal (watch the video).

Invited speaker at the University of Aarhus, Denmark. November 2013.

Teaching and mentoring

Co-organizer and Teacher Assistant at the Workshop on Population and Speciation Genomics, Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic. 25/01-06/02/2016.

Organizing and teaching a 6-days course on RADseq data analysis for PhDs and postdocs at the University of Milan, Italy. Edolo, 6-12/06/2015.

Teacher Assistant at the Workshop on Molecular Evolution, Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic. 25/01-07/02/2015.

Co-supervising Robin Cristofari, CNRS, France, (together with Celine Le Bohec, CNRS, France) during his Master and PhD. 2011-2016

Co-supervising Anna Virginia Black Mazzarella, University of Oslo, Norway, during her PhD. 2012-2015

Mentoring Margherita Collini, FEM, Italy, and Narjes Youssef, NUST, Norway, on RADseq data. 2012-2015

Mentoring Giorgio Riccarducci, University of Roma Tor Vergata, Italy, during his Master. 2009-2010